Welcome at the Smiling Coast as The Gambia is also called

Dive into the authentic Gambia. Let the warm hearted people impress you with their friendliness and get a fascinating insight look into the African way of live. Enjoy the heavenly beaches of the Atlantic Sea and get enchanted by the variety of nature and the beauty of animals in the wild. This paradise can be reached by plane from Central Europe  in only six hours.

We will be pleased to show you the facets of this beautiful country such as African daily life, Gambia’s music, dance, art and typical food. Take short trips across the country , you  can experience the friendliness of the people as well as the fascinating nature. Please find the offered activities under OFFER like BIRD WATCHING, COOKING CLASS, DRUM AND DANCE, EXCURSIONS and CREATIVE ACTIVITIES. Relax in our beautiful ACCOMODATION BIRD VIEW GUESTHOUSE right on the Tanji Bird Reserve Forest set in a garden with various exotic nut trees and fruit trees and enjoy the close beach.